It is very easy to demonize something to destroy it. This is like badmouth friends when they are not in front, which is free. And often we speak without properly documented. Our devices, which have never been sold with nicotine, take as a base to cause steam polyethylene glycol; the same preservative that uses a drug to reduce fever in children (Apiretal) to stabilize the product. Nobody cares polyethylene glycol, or anyone says or talk that is harmful to health. Of course, things change when it comes to use in electronic cigarettes.

Pharmaceutical have monopolized the market to quit smoking through nicotine famous treatment (pills, gum, patches, sprays, etc.), which has a proven rate of less than 20% but is still using and selling exclusively by them.

Large multinational laboratories already working on the launch of its electronic cigarettes covered in clinical trials. The day they go to market any doctor or any association, or health-related organization say it is bad for health. They will have what we assure since we launched the market: it is a product that helps you quit smoking. No search addicted to nicotine or vaping, but is configured as another alternative to combat the scourge of snuff. That day, glycerin cease to be harmful; nicotine, and will be supported with studies, even it, will cease to be addictive; and thus, the electronic cigarette will start to recognize what it is already today one of the great options available to us to try to quit.

Finally, we could give many more arguments, usage examples, testimonials of people who have quit smoking, smoking less or people who have not achieved anything. Everything but people who have made or issued a single complaint about who have felt physically ill by using the cigarette, because the latter has never occurred.

Quite the opposite. We as pioneers in Spain marketing electronic cigarette through the Cigar-Clean brand, are proud to have contributed to the momentum, despite the many barriers that we had to overcome, a product that will definitely be the product that caused more deaths caused worldwide: the snuff.


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